Frequently Asked Questions about Tokens

How does this token system work?
The customer gets a token from a member of staff. Once the token is inserted into the machine it activates the machine and it will then operate as normal. The customer then inserts the required amount for their purchase. Once the product is dispensed the token is retained and the machine is disabled until the next token is inserted.

Where will the token come from?
From the machine operators. Proprietors of outlets/premises will not be able to take the tokens out of the machines. However, machine operators will supply a float of tokens to each outlet to ensure that people who are entitled to purchase cigarettes and tobacco products are able to do so.

Who pays for the tokens?
There is no payment. Owners of the site/premises will not have to pay for tokens. They will be supplied and paid for by the machine operators.

Does the outlet have to sell the tokens?
No, the tokens have no monetary value. Their only purpose is to enable the machine for a purchase.

Can the token be easily copied?
No, absolutely not. The token in manufactured to the same standard as a euro/50 cent coin.

What if the customer cannot provide valid age verification?
Stick to the simple rule: “If in doubt, don’t give out”.